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About Rawtoons

Rawtoons- definition Raw meaning Fresh (ideas) and Toons (animated) = Bringin Fresh New Designs to Life. 

Decades of dedication to the kraft. I have been using the name Rawtoons since the days of (email addresses.)

I have been fortune it enough to work on projects for Nike, 110 South Streetwear, Gardena Originals, Foreal, Boo-Yaa Tribe, Kaze Jones, Stylie Ray, Ariano, Showgudda, Hitta J3, Muddollaz, Slim400, Adam Sandler (The Peeper), Tim Burton (Stainboy), Disney, Warner Bros. Craola, Grown, Kulcha, Marvel, Sinch, DeLok, Zoer, Sixer, Cr8, Odessy, Ekew, Carlos Torres, R3L, KFA, Triocliqq, Sweet Venom, Castroville Originals, Huntington Park Streetwear, Money Bag Crew, Fit The Description, Litty, Ice Wata, Straight Outta Little Tokyo, Gardena High School. 

#creativityismydomain #stayraw #rawspect #rawestoftheraw #rawanduncut  #rawside #rawlikedat #weRfamily #rawtoonz #raw2ns #

Thank you to all those who follow me, bought merch, or hired me for graphics/illustrations thru out the years. 

Welcome to Phase 3 of the Rawtoons Era.

To those that have Rawtoons merch, hold onto them, it could be years before I reprint some of the designs...


Dave 'Rawtoons' Ing